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Hi, I am Dr. Andrew Bosier

D.C., Chiropractor

Authentic Health Solutions is a chiropractic and wellness facility with 3 locations in South Florida. Our mission is to help people suffering from musculoskeletal pain and illnesses associated with nervous system interference.


There are many conditions that chiropractic care can help, heal and/or prevent. If you have any of these conditions we can help the natural way, letting the body heal itself.


Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are two leading causes of job-related disability. They’re also two of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor and missing work. It’s estimated that Americans spend half a billion dollars annually on back and neck pain.

Common Conditions for back and neck pain

  •  Bulging or herniated disk
  •  Sciatica
  •  Auto Accident Injuries
  •  Nerve Root Compression
  •  Degenerative Disc Disease
  •  Facet Syndrome
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Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents occur every day. It’s a crowded world we live in. Roads and highways are no exception to the rule. Most traffic collisions are minor, but even a minor incident can cause injury.

You’re Entitled to Chiropractic Care!

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Bulging and Herniated Disc

A Bulging Disc refers to a vertebral disc that protrudes beyond its normal boundaries. In many cases, this protrusion may irritate surrounding nerves and produce pain. A Herniated Disc occurs when a tear in the disc’s outer ring allows its inner contents to protrude beyond normal boundaries. A disc herniation also initiates a painful inflammatory response that can cause severe pain.

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Pinched Nerve

pinched nerve is best described as a secondary condition that arises from some structural problem within the spine. Identifying the primary condition is the first step to relieving pain produced by a compressed or “pinched” nerve.

Common conditions include: bulging and herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and more.

Nerve roots extend through small openings in the spine called foramina. Many of the conditions mentioned above can obstruct these openings and irritate the nerves that run through them. In peripheral areas of the body, this is often referred to as nerve entrapment.

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Sciatica refers to pain that stems from compression of the sciatic nerve. It’s often described as shooting pain that starts in the low back and radiates down the affected leg. In some cases, it may travel down both legs. The pain correlates with the path of the sciatic nerve as it descends through the buttocks and travels down the back of the leg.

Why is Sciatica so common?

For starters, the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body.  Secondly, the path of the sciatic nerve requires that it travels through a series of narrow areas as it descends down the lower extremities.  These two primary factors make the sciatic nerve an easy target for compression and irritation.

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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease refers to the degenerative process that occurs to our vertebral discs as we age. Over time, our disc loose elasticity and become more rigid. Degenerative Disc Disease limits range of motion and can irritate nearby nerves. As the discs become thinner, the foraminal openings for neighboring nerve roots become smaller – leading to painful nerve compression.

Why do our discs degenerate?

The spine performs many rigorous tasks for the body.  The weight-bearing support it provides puts a lot of stress on the vertebra and the discs in between them.  This sort of wear-and-tear is why our discs gradually degenerate over time.

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Facet Pain

Facet joints help stabilize the spine and limit excessive motion. Facet Syndrome is the deterioration of those interlocking joints and the protective capsule that surrounds them. Facet syndrome occurs when the facet joints become stressed and damaged. This damage can occur from everyday wear and tear or from a traumatic injury to the spine.

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Children’s Issues

Many people only understand chiropractic care as a form of pain management. As a result, most are surprised to learn that chiropractic treatment can help with many childhood illnesses.

How can chiropractic care help?

The nervous system allows the brain to control and regulate all things within the body.  Many childhood illnesses are simply caused by nervous system disturbance.  This can interfere with the brain’s ability to regulate the body, which can cause a variety of health problems early in a child’s life.

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What to expect

Initial Visit

Your first visit will consist of an exam and consultation. Dr. Andrew will present his findings and recommend a treatment plan specific to your needs. If MRI’s or x-ray films are needed, he will help coordinate your appointment.

The initial visit lasts about 30 minutes. Routine visits are generally much quicker.

Care Plans

Care plans and treatment frequency can vary greatly – depending on the nature of the condition. It’s a common misconception that once you start chiropractic care, you have to constantly get an adjusted to feel well. The reality is, our spine is responsible for many rigorous tasks and nearly everyone will experience some sort of back pain at some point in their lives.


Dr. Andrew utilizes many chiropractic methods to help people get well. Once the problem is identified, a specific thrust is applied to restore function and motion in that particular area of the spine.

Certain conditions may require the use of instrument adjusting, but Dr. Andrew prefers the hands-on approach whenever possible.

Our Objective in Helping You Get Well

  • Discover the underlying cause of the problem
  • Restore and preserve the integrity of the spine
  • Remove nervous system interference
  • Help patients reach a state of optimal health and well-being


Stop living with pain and discover your path to wellness.
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